Lego Snack Time

For my son’s 5th birthday celebration at school he wanted to bring something “cool” for his friends and I wanted to get away from the usual cupcakes or cake that is brought in for birthdays. Let’s be clear- I LOVE cake, and I let my son have cake for special occasions- I am not anti-cake by any means. But with 30 kids in the classroom and 3 teachers over the course of a 9 month school year that’s roughly cake or cupcakes on average EVERY WEEK! Yikes. So here was our alternative idea (stolen from none other than Pinterest 😜)


The red ninja from Ninjago made out Babybel cheese. Simply remove one side of the wax strip on the cheese and draw two eyes (I used black cake decorating gel)


PB&J Lego brick sandwiches. Cut of the crust then cut in half. I made the circles using an open baby bottle to press into a slice of bread. Then dab some peanut butter on one side of the circle to stick it to the bread.

The kids (and teachers) loved it and my son was thrilled. I wish I had some better picks but I was juggling a one year old in a chaotic preschool while trying to arrange the snack. I would have loved to have a bit more time to arrange the snacks in a more “Lego-y” way but hey- that’s what having kids is like, right?



Can A Kid’s Birthday Party Really Be Fun With NO Sugar?

That was my question to myself when I started planning my son’s 2nd birthday party. You see, he hasn’t yet had any candy, cake, or refined (white) sugar products. I’m not a freak about it, and I know the day will come when he WILL have those “foods” but I just feel like it’s really not that hard to keep them out of his diet at his age, and I didn’t want to throw it all to the wind just because it was his birthday party. Last year I researched and found a (really yummy!) black bean chocolate cake with no flour and no white sugar (it has honey and stevia as a sweetener) and EVERYONE LOVED IT, both kids and adults…and the birthday boy. So this year I had no qualms about using the same recipe. In fact, the recipe turned out really well as dirt cupcakes to go with our “Elmo and Cookie Monster Go Gardening” theme for the party. I have to admit, I did cheat on my no-white-sugar goal when I crumbled Newman’s Own Organics Chocolate Alphabet Cookies on top of the cupcakes to resemble dirt (most dirt cake recipes call for oreo cookies here). I really struggled to find anything to use that would look like dirt AND not taste like dirt…so I caved. Bigger picture, right? Now for all my mom-friends who have been asking for the recipe since last year’s party, here it is!

Healthy Flourless (Yummy!) Chocolate Black Bean Cake

yes, these are seriously delicious!

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