A Healthy Alternative to Juice

Winter is coming. And in my opinion, and my kids agree, there is something so soothing and warming about having a cup of tea. Many adults already know this, but do you pour a cup for your kids? There are many options for caffeine-free herbal teas that kids will delight in (just see some examples above) and they are SUGAR-FREE! Kids already consume far above the recommended daily allowance of sugar, here is another way to reduce their intake of sugar. You can serve it without adding anything extra but if your child is used to sweeter tasting beverages you may want to add a teaspoon of raw honey to sweeten the tea a bit. You can wean them off the honey by slowly adding less and less as they adjust their taste buds, but raw honey is also beneficial. Another option would be to sweeten the tea with stevia if needed. In our house, we found the trick to the perfect cup of tea was to steep the tea bag in hot water and then after a few minutes add a few ice cubes so the kids don’t have to wait so long for the tea to cool down. 

Another benefit to drinking tea is that you imbibe extra minerals and antioxidants from the tea. Not in the mood for a hot cuppa? You can steep these herbal teas extra strong and chill them in the fridge to serve over ice on a warm day. For a bit of extra zip add some fresh squeezed lemon. And for the women and men wanting to boost the effects of fat burning hormones…drink some green tea with lemon (studies show you need to drink about 2.5 cups a day or more). 


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