Bubs, Bikkies and Beaches

We moved into our rental house for the duration of our stay here in Perth and this is our view from our master bedroom balcony… 

 Yup, we are staying THAT close to the beach!

The first few weeks here in Perth the weather has been amazing with midday temperatures in the low 70s and lots of sunshine. Even on the days of high 60s the boys still want to go to the beach. This is what many afternoons look like for us.

 It starts off like this… 

and then we get closer to the water, the clothes start coming off and there is no stopping them from getting their feet (and other parts) wet!  


 and then we end up like this…and by “we” I mean the kids…

I finally got a little smarter in packing ahead before leaving the house and I started stuffing swimsuits, towels, and extra clothes into our double stroller. 


I could go on and on about the beautiful beaches here. Even though it’s winter, we still found enough sunshine to dip our feet in (or whole bodies in the case of the kids – but they are crazy). There are tons of surfers and paddle boarders out on most days (wearing wetsuits) but also some brave locals or crazy tourists in just their swimmers. 
 And the sunsets are gorgeous…  

So there’s the “beaches” portion of the post, but life here isn’t all glorious beaches and superb sunsets. The picture taken here with my two boys sitting in the grass enjoying a sunset….that captured moment lasted about 90 seconds before they were back up and running around whining about being tired, cold and hungry (well that’s what they would be saying if their whining was translated). 

It’s been a tough transition with a husband working long hours (for all that we see him during the week he could just as well be travelling), a new house to settle into with very few toys and way too many buttons and touch screens at toddler level, an almost bare pantry, and no friends. However, we were extremely lucky to have incredibly helpful family living here in Perth and my brother visiting for 9 days as we settled in. If not for that, I would have lost my mind. I seem to remember my sleep-deprived self telling my husband in the first week or two of being here that the only thing stopping me from going back home was a 40+ hour journey alone with two little kids. Thank goodness I didn’t, because things have gotten much better. 
For one, we got a rental car! Perth has some great public transport but it really is a driving city. I was pretty horrified about the idea of just climbing into a car and driving around on the left side of the road, but after some reassuring words from my brother I set out to try. I was astonished at how quickly I adjusted. Now, about 3 weeks later I feel completely normal driving on the left. I laughed out loud the other day when I noticed this sticker on my windshield… 

Gee, thanks for the reminder. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be driving on the roads if I need this reminder every time I look up into the heavens for (help/reassurance/prayers answered)?

Also helping make our stay here more enjoyable is the delicous food! I love the European influence here. We found a local, organic butcher within walking distance where we can buy great quality meat, frozen pies (the kind with meat in them!) and other yummies. 


And they love treating the bubs (babies) well here. A specialty we like to treat the littles to is a Baby Cino (frothed milk) with bikkies (biscuits or cookies). 


We also found a local brewery called Little Creatures in Fremantle (the port city of Perth) that my 5 year old constantly asks to go back to because of this great kid-friendly aspect… 

  So we enjoy great beer while they can play in a sandbox! And of course, I’ve found the local bottle shop (liquor store).

All in all, we are settling in okay. Now if the current torrential downpours this weekend stop plying us with rain every hour or two I might venture out to procure some ingredients to make ANZAC bikkies. 

Next post follow us on our adventures in Perth’s Naturescapes!  


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