Arrival in Perth

Our first few days in Perth were spent trying to recover from our 42 hour nightmarish journey, and truth be told, we didn’t recover right away like the last time I came. In fact, we are still working on that! The toddler kept waking up through the night and thought the day started at 3am and there was no respite during the day (that was to be expected with two little attention seekers). Still, we managed to get out and explore a bit. 

First on the agenda…food and caffeine!

We ate at a restaurant just below the apartment we were staying in (temporarily) in East Perth called Toast. The food was great, but ordering coffee proved to be a bit more difficult. 

At home, I usually drink coffee made in a French Press with a bit of half and half (or coconut milk as it is these days being dairy free). When I asked for coffee after not seeing it listed on the menu the server looked at me like, “yeah, I get that, now which one?” Uh…just coffee please? Well, that doesn’t really exist. You can have just about any type of espresso drink but not “coffee”.

I wish I had found this blog post soooner from the blog When In Oz   

Here’s the gist of your options:
-A Short Black is basically a single shot of espresso served with foam floating on top served in a short glass. Hence the “short” part.
-A Long Black is espresso with water (1/3 parts espresso to 2/3 parts water).Think that makes sense logically? Stay with me…here’s where it gets tricky.
-A Flat White is espresso with steamed milk, very latte-like, I suppose, but with no foam. It’s basically the same as the Long Black but with 2/3 milk instead of water. Weird, right? Don’t order a Long White, that’s where the blank staring comes in.
-A Short Macchiato (Short Mac) is a short black with a dash of cold milk.
– A Long Macchiato (Long Mac) is a double shot of espresso with steamed milk. HUH?
– An Affogato is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
-A Cafe Latte is a shot of espresso that is filled with steamed milk and topped with foam. The Flat White with foam?
-A Cappucino (Cap) is what we’d expect in the states (thank goodness) and same with a Mocha. Because seriously, why would you try to mess with chocolate coffee? 

Ok wow. So we are going to try the long black option I think?!?

Moving on from coffee, let me just show you some of the highlights of our few days in the apartment before moving to our beach house (yes, I did say beach!)

 The boys are finally entertaining themselves!

 Such a beautiful winter day here at about 70 degrees F. This is the view from the living room/kitchen area.

 And since we are up before sunrise, why not enjoy the beauty right from our balcony?

 The Scotch Egg obsession (it’s an egg surrounded by sausage and then breaded. yum!)

 Woohoo! got the stroller fixed (we only had to buy another second hand one to salvage the wheels – that was an adventure!) Now what to do with two strollers??

  Minnesotans, this will make you laugh – since they don’t get snow, apparently sledding down grass on cardboard is the next best thing.

 Next post will be from the beach house! 

PS – the toddler is doing much better! (and the Indian food here is amazing – thanks Damian!)



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