A Journey Like No Other- Part 1

Thursday, May 28th

Today my oldest son graduated from preschool. Yay! Bittersweet feelings. And then we got on a plane. All four of us. To San Francisco. Oh but that is not where this journey will end. No, we are then going to Auckland, New Zealand and then we will jump on another plane to Perth, Australia. I think Perth is likely the furthest inhabited destination from our home in Minnesota that we could possibly go to. Initially, I was completely against the idea of following my husband’s job there for the summer (I mean winter) but I warmed up to it…kind of. You see, I hate flying on planes. The yogini inside of me wants to stretch out in down dog and let my warrior 2 stand strong, not to mention laying out flat in shavasana. Who wouldn’t want to practice corpse pose at 30,000 feet?!? I can’t sit still. Ok, now add an 18 month old and 5 year old to the mix. Yikes. Ironically, I just recently proclaimed to my husband (who agreed) that we would not be doing any international travels until our youngest son was at least 2.5/3 years old. Even flying to CA with him is tough and that’s only 3.5-4 hours. Anyways, to make a long story short, here we are…on a plane.

Less than 2 weeks ago this journey was not even a seed of thought in my head. Then one day (very recently) my husband woke up and asked me over breakfast if I would like to move to Australia for the summer. What?!? So… I guess we are not talking about plane tickets to Chicago for a wedding next month anymore? 13 days later here we are…on a plane.


So far, we are running on about 5 hours of sleep per night for the last week, which is average for my husband (Not me!) We stayed up until midnight weighing carry-on luggage that must be under 15lb each (which means our roller boards are half empty) and the birds chirping outside my window woke me up at 5:30am. It could be worse I guess.

The flight to SF went ok. My 18 month old only screamed for about 15 minutes a couple times, I had a glass of wine and my 5 year old watched 3 movies. Thank god for technology (and alcohol). There were even some good moments…


When we got to SFO my in-laws met us and it was a GODSEND!!! They really saved our sanity and helped us recharge for the remaining 30 hours of our 42 hour transit.


At the end of our layover in SFO we had only done one leg of our journey but had been in transit for almost 12 hours. The kids were kind of going crazy from fatigue and it was almost midnight for them when our plane boarded for Auckland.



Stick a fork in him…he’s done.

We had no idea what would happen later…stay tuned for the next chapter.


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