Sunset Snails

This lunch was inspired by one of my 4 year old’s favorite movies, Turbo, about a racing snail (named Turbo). He also likes beautiful sunsets, so I paired the two together.

photo 4


Shaved carrots (the orange sunset)

Radish slice (the setting sun)

Celery (sliced lengthwise) and Snap Peas (the grass)

Peanut Butter (the “mud”)

Pistachios (the rocks)

Tortilla/shredded cheese/ham (made into a quesadilla to make the snails)



Melt the cheese on the tortilla with the ham, fold in half to make a quesadilla. Let cook a little bit, then cut out the shape of a snail either by hand or with a cookie cutter (I had one from IKEA).

photo 1

Lay the shaved carrot across the top third of a plate to make the sunset sky, lay a slice of radish on top. Put a spoonful of peanut butter on the plate and assemble the “grass” around it. Lay the snails on the grass and sprinkle some “rocks” around.

Be sure to tall your youngster the “grass” can be dipped in the “mud”, they will love that!


Time Saving Tip:

Have a stash of washed and ready to eat veggies in the fridge. They don’t all have to be cut, but just having the visual reminder of all the beautiful veggies can encourage you to eat more and it makes it easier to make picture lunches!

Here is my stash I took out of the fridge today…

photo 2



The “mud” can be any dip (any nut butter, hummus, yogurt, etc).

The snails could also be bread or naan or pita topped with hummus (or just plain).

The “grass” can really be any green veggie.

The “sun” could also be a tomato slice or carrot slice (the circular way) or even a round cooked slice of sweet potato or a round slice of banana if you don’t have any other veggies.

The “rocks” could be any nut.


Your imagination can take it from here 🙂


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