Friday Fun with Food

This will be a quickie 😉 So moms or dads with hardly anytime (uh yeah, that’s all of us, right?) I put this one together in about 3 minutes. Don’t believe me? Just ask my mom, she was standing right there bouncing a fussy baby!

It was meant to be a traveller coming home from Australia in honor of my parent’s return from Australia today. But then my plane started to look like a rocket ship so we have…

“Return From Outer Space Travels”


Ingredients: rice cake with hummus and turkey, tomato nose, mozzarella ball eyes with seaweed eyeballs, celery arms, seaweed legs, grated cheese hair, turkey rocket with carrot fire, carrot moon, strawberry fields (lol), cracker suitcase with pea shell handle and pea wheels, pea shell mouth.


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