I feel like my life is crazy…

and I have absolutely no time to myself and I feel like I’m losing my mind ALL the time. So this is the PERFECT time to jump back into my blog that I’ve put on hiatus for the last year, right?!? RIGHT! I owe you an apology as to why I’ve had such a long absence, and I will dedicate an entire post to that later, but first I want to touch on the topic of being a busy stay-at-home-mom to young children. A recent lesson I learned is that you WON’T have any time to yourself. Showering after 10pm? Normal. That is, unless you have days where you don’t shower at all either due to not having 5 minutes to yourself or from sheer exhaustion when you do have those 5 minutes. Putting on makeup and doing your hair? Can someone who does find a way to accomplish this with two or more young children please tell me how they do it? I mean, I’m not super concerned with how I look in public but whoever said looking the part makes you feel the part was on to something. I would love to feel like a woman sometimes (as opposed to a milk bank or real live toddler circus ride). But I’ve decided to forego all these creature comforts and use my 5 minutes to complain about not having 5 minutes. I mean to blog 😉 I’m missing a certain level of intellectual stimulation that sounding out three letter words just doesn’t satisfy. So I’m jumping back into reclaiming a sliver of my individuality. It’s important as a mom to remember what made you tick before children, what your interests, goals and dreams were (and are). We give so much of ourselves to our children but what makes us great moms and role models is working towards accomplishing our goals and dreams (and hopefully retaining our sanity in the process).


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